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The Prince Of Egypt
"Two brothers....one chosen to rule.....the other chosen to lead."
    This page is dedicated to my favorite Disney movie of all time, The Prince of Egypt.  This is a movie that any Jewish person can truly enjoy and appreciate because it's the classic story of The Passover and the Hebrew people's exodus out of Egypt into the Promised Land.  The movie was beautifully and accurately done, with  beautiful music and awesome animation.  Over 500 religious and historical scholars were consulted in the making of this film in order to ensure that it was as accurate as possible.  However, I can still find several differences between the actual events and and names, and the events and names in the movie.

The First Holocaust........

Yocheved, a Hebrew slave mother, watches in horror at  Pharoah Seti's slaughter of all the Hebrew baby boys in the Hebrew city of Goshen.  The Pharoah ordered the killing of all the male Hebrew children under the age of two in order to keep the Israeli population from becoming to large and powerful, and to defy the prophecy of a Hebrew slave that would someday grow up to become a leader and deliver his people out of slavery.  Yocheved is one of my favorite characters from the film.  She is very Jewish, and she even sings in Hebrew.


Desperate to save her infant son from the Pharoah's decree, Yocheved and her two other children, Aaron and Miriam, take cover and flee to the Nile River.

River, Oh River.......

As she sings her last lullibye to her infant son, Yocheved places her baby in a basket of reeds and sends him adrift on the Nile River.


As she watches her baby drift away in the basket, Yocheved prays the river will deliver her baby to a safe place and that someday he will return to free his people.


Miriam follows the basket down the river to ensure that it reaches a safe destination.


The basket takes a rough journey down the Nile where it is almost overturned by crocodiles and hippos.


At last, the basket makes its way to calmer waters....and to Pharoah's palace.


The Queen of Egypt finds the basket floating near the palace and finds the baby boy inside.  She takes him in to live with Pharoah's family and names him Moses.


Miriam is happy to see her baby brother in a safe place and says goodbye to him, hoping that he will one day return to free his people from slavery.


A sovereignt Prince of Egypt........

Moses, along with Pharoah's son Ramses, grows up to become a young man, not knowing where he came from and who he truly is.


Tzipporah, a young Midian woman, makes a quick escape from Pharoah's palace after being kidnapped and offered to Moses as a gift.


After learning that he is really a Hebrew slave and not Pharoah's son, Moses leaves the palace and wanders alone into the desert.


While Moses is in the desert, a huge sandstorm comes, almost burrying Moses up to his head.  But God saves Moses from his wanderings and the sandstorm.

Look at your life through Heaven's Eyes......

Moses wanders upon a desert tribe of Midian people, including Tzipporah and her family.


Tzipporah's people take Moses in, and teach him their ways, including how to be a shepherd.


Moses and Tzipporah eventually fall in love and are married by Tzipporah's father Jethro who is the High Priest of Midian.


God appears to Moses in the form of a burning bush and tells him to return to Egypt to ask his brother Ramses, the new Pharoah, to let his people go.


Because of Pharoah's stubbornness, Egypt suffers through many plagues, including the death of all the firstborn sons.  Here the Angel of Death comes down into Egypt and takes all of the firstborn children, including Pharoah's only son.  The Passover is a celebration and reminder of that fateful night when God came down and killed all the first born sons of Egypt, but passed over the homes of the Israelis.

Ashira, ashira.....

Griefstricken by the death of his only son, Pharoah gives the Hewbrews permission to go.


At the last minute, Pharoah has a change of heart and sends his soldiers after the Hebrews to kill them.  But God stops the Egyptians from reaching the Hebrews at the Red Sea by sending down a tornado of fire.

There can be miracles when you believe......

Through God's power, Moses plunges his staff into the Red Sea, and the waters part and make a pathway for the Hebrews to go through and escape to freedom.


The parting of the Red Sea is one of the most fascinating works of animation I have ever seen in a film.  It's my favorite part of the entire movie.


The Hebrews hurry along through the parted waters of the Red Sea with Pharoah's soldiers in hot pursuit.


The Hebrews make it across the sea while the waters close in on Pharoah and his men, drowning them all.  The waters become calm again and Moses and his people are free.